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Elevated Air provides timely and comprehensive computational analysis for customers in the CPI/HPI who rely on combustion and chemically reacting flow processes. Our engineers are highly educated professionals with a combined experience of more than fifty years in simulating combustion and chemically reacting flow systems.

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We provide clean, affordable, and reliable methods of transporting state-of-the-art sensor and recording equipment and accessing hard-to-reach, and even dangerous locations. Our patented sensors will provide you with crucial emissions data, high-resolution pictures and videos, and will enable you to improve your products or facilities; meeting and exceeding your goals for environmental stewardship. All of this brought to you instantly and in real-time by our proprietary transmission methods.

For a look at some of our more recent work please check out our Projects Page


We can provide beautiful, clear, and stable HD footage for use in a variety of applications like Real Estate and film making. This allows you to showcase your favorite features of a property from an angle never before achievable with traditional filming techniques, or get that perfect action shot as it's happening. We also offer our own editing and film making services, which can be used to promptly deliver your unique footage straight to the market. 

For a look at some of our more recent work please check out our Projects Page

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With nearly unlimited types of fibers, plastics, and colors, we can take nearly any 3D model and print it using the latest technology in 3D printing! From Nylon, to carbon-fiber, to even a bio-degradable plastic, our 3D Print Team can custom design, print, and build nearly anything you can imagine! Perfect for prototypes, replacement parts, or even props for your favorite costume! We work with you every step of the way to ensure your creations come to life.

For a look at some of our more recent work please check out our Projects Page


Our experienced engineers have consulted on cases and projects around the world and have provided expert testimony and opinion to many high-profile court cases. Companies such as BP Oil, Clorox, Saudi Aramco, Zeeco, Ameren, and even the US government have profited from their work. We now offer that same expertise to you.

For a look at some of our more recent work please check out our Projects Page


At Elevated Air, we are here when you need us. We provide the tools and the knowledge to make your venture a success. Any day, any time.

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To provide companies and individuals with high quality information to improve decision making about the environment and their lives through cutting-edge mobile and stationary sensor systems as well as advanced simulation tools.


We work to integrate the most reliable, accurate and cost effective sensing technologies into out-of-the-box solutions for a wide variety of drone platforms while also offering comprehensive data analysis and simulation services. Whether you’re measuring emissions from open industrial gas flares, surveying for vagrant methane emissions, or looking for drone-based systems to determine potential risks from hazardous or flammable gases, Elevated Air stands ready to help you do it all efficiently and safely.


Our team of dedicated professionals holds over 50 years of combined experience solving complex industrial engineering problems. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.



The following are some of the more recent projects completed by Elevated Air.
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CFD Comparision

Elevated Air (through affiliate Analytics Consulting) is helping promote safe, low-emission flares 
Case Study – LES can improve Flame Predictions over RANS CFD 

EvA has decades of experience using CFD to model flares. These CFD models are used to predict various characteristics of the flare including combustion efficiency and safety. One of the important safety factors for both personnel and equipment near flares is the radiation heat transfer coming from the flare. As reported recently in Hydrocarbon Engineering (Withstanding the Wind), EvA has demonstrated significant improvements in radiation predictions using our latest LES code, C3d, when compared to standard RANS CFD codes. The following table (see Table 1) shows comparisons of radiation test data with two CFD predictions, one from our C3d (LES) code and one from a typical RANS CFD code. 


Safe Operation of Adjacent Multi-Point Ground Flares: Predicted and Measured Flame Radiation in Cross Flow Wind Conditions 

Low profile Multi-Point Ground flares (MPGF) represent a special class of flares capable of safely processing significant quantities of flare gas in an environmentally responsible fashion. A detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of several low-profile multi-point ground flares (Fig 1) was developed. The large flare system included an Ethylene MPGF (756 tips/4.1MM lb/hr/22 Ave MW), a Low Density Polyethylene MPGF (115 tips/500,000 lb/hr/28 Ave MW) and a Linear Low Density Polyethylene MPGF (80 tips/280,000 lb/hr/32 Ave MW). Flare radiation to the surrounding wind fence and subsequent re-radiation to nearby structures and plant personnel was analyzed (see Fig 2). Estimate potential over-pressure levels due to ignition delay was estimated (see Fig 3). Previous validation (see Fig 4) of the CFD tool confirmed accuracy of model predictions. More details of this study were published in Hydrocarbon Engineering (Smith, October, 2016)*. 



Noise reduction at a petrochemical facility 

A chemical plant was experiencing excessive noise which in turn was causing numerous problems with plant neighbors. Working with plant personnel, EvA Engineers modeled the system and as an urgent first task, corrected the flow distribution problems.
Follow-on analysis indicated that the reactor itself was producing the noise via a Riejke-tube phenomenon. Instead of an expensive reactor redesign, SAS recommended the installation of a Helmholtz resonator in the exhaust stack – tuned to the frequency of the reactor noise. Our engineers accomplished the design and fabrication of the stack replacement and was on-site to oversee the installation. At start-up, noise levels were reduced by over 20 dB – and concerns from plant neighbors were eliminated. 

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InterDrone Conference in Las Vegas, NV

September 5 - 7, 2018 

Interdrone is an annual international drone conference which gathers members of the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) community into a single location to discuss and display advances in the UAS industry. This conference is held in Las Vegas, NV and typically has representation from 55 countries, 185 companies in the exhibit hall, with more than 120 presentations, classes, workshops, and expert panels. Elevated Air and FirstIZ, uses this and other conferences to introduce our combined capabilities to the public. In 2018 we demonstrated our technological advances at booth 906 at the Interdrone conference, giving a theater presentation about our mobile air quality sensing technology. Pat Keegan, Joseph Smith, Robert Jackson, and Zach Smith represented Elevated Air and FirstIZ..





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