Recent Projects

The following is some of the more recent projects that Elevated Analytics has been apart of.
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Safe Operation of Adjacent Multi-Point Ground Flares: Predicted and Measured Flame Radiation in Cross Flow Wind Conditions

Low profile Multi-Point Ground flares (MPGF) represent a special class of flares capable of safely processing significant quantities of flare gas in an environmentally responsible fashion. A detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of several low-profile multi-point ground flares (Fig 1) was developed. The large flare system included an Ethylene MPGF (756 tips/4.1MM lb/hr/22 Ave MW), a Low Density Polyethylene MPGF (115 tips/500,000 lb/hr/28 Ave MW) and a Linear Low Density Polyethylene MPGF (80 tips/280,000 lb/hr/32 Ave MW). Flare radiation to the surrounding wind fence and subsequent re-radiation to nearby structures and plant personnel was analyzed (see Fig 2). Estimate potential over-pressure levels due to ignition delay was estimated (see Fig 3). Previous validation (see Fig 4) of the CFD tool confirmed accuracy of model predictions. More details of this study were published in Hydrocarbon Engineering (Smith, October, 2016)*.